The End of Newspapers

In recent days, the Inky, Daily News and Journal Register Company (owner of the Reporter, Times Herald, Mercury and other suburban newspapers) have filed for bankruptcy.   It doesn't mean these papers are going away (immediately), but it is an indication the times are a changin'.   The general decline readership and ad dollars has been going on for years.   Now with the recession setting in, these news organizations can no longer exist under the old model.   They will likely evolve (or die).   I expect the JRC
papers will combine into a Montgomery County paper or even a Philly suburban paper with regional editions.   All will grow their on-line product (or go out of business).   I grew up with 3 newspapers coming to the house everyday;  Allentown Morning Call,
Pottstown Mercury and Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.  I prefer inky fingers, but I too will have to adjust to the changing reality!

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