Art D’Angelo Scott Randolph - “America’s First D-day; Washington Crossing”

Art D’Angelo Scott Randolph  from the “America’s First D-day; Washington Crossing” was another guest on BuxMont Live this week. Read the full article to find o9ut about the topics we discussed or visit WNPV and listen to the shows archives.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Most people know the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware but most people don’t know the full story of that moment … it is the most important event in the entire history of the United States.
  2. This will be the definitive film on Washington Crossing, we are working many good people including Pulitzer Prize Winning Author of the book Washington Crossing Dr. David Hackett Fischer.
  3. This project will benefit 6 non-profits; Greater Philadelphia Film Office, Friends of Washington Crossing, Trenton Barracks, Heritage Conservancy, David Library of the American Revolution and The National Museum of the American Revolution.
  4. Their production team is a multi award winning production team, their director will have one of his films premiere on the Military Channel this fall.
  5. This film will be shot in the Philadelphia area.
  6. People can show support of these historic sites by supporting their project.

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