And So It Goes....Darryl Berger

ELECTION 2010---GROUND ZERO The 8th congressional district is once again the bull’s eye for a national election. If the republicans hope to regain control of the house, seats like the 8th need to fall in their column.   There is a democratic incumbent, Patrick Murphy who’s been supportive of Obama politically and has backed the administration’s policies.   The R’s are running a solid candidate in Mike Fitzpatrick.   But the money battle has been won hands down by the incumbent and it might be what determines this race.   Negative campaign ads don’t necessarily both me, but I’ve never seen such an aggressive attack on a challenger as has been executed against Fitzpatrick.   The Murphy camp, and those groups spending money on his behalf, have been almost totally focused on defining Fitzpatrick.  The republican is a political vet, former congressman and county commissioner, but some radio ads have him portrayed as the incumbent.   Those same ads don’t even mention Murphy.   It seems like the Murphy folks are running a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ campaign.  Either he hasn’t done anything he wants to tout or he is running away from his support of the administration.   Murphy, an Iraq war vet, has been spearheading the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and it’s probably responsible for financial support from the likes of George Clooney and Renee Zellweger.  It gets him lots of face-time on network TV, you’d think that would wind up in some of these ads!   I’ve been interviewing 8th district congressmen since 1982 and none have been less available to this reporter than Patrick Murphy.   So perhaps you want to chalk this up to sour-grapes.  But I’d just like to ask the congressman for a couple of reasons why voters should cast a ballot for him, instead of why they should storm the polling place to vote against Mike Fitzpatrick.   Let me step back and make the decision clear for 8th district voters.   If you think the Obama administration is moving the country in the right direction, vote Murphy.  If you think we need to go in a different direction, vote Fitzpatrick.  Neither is the bogeyman and neither is a saint.   I’d just like to hear a few more whys then why nots.

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