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How do you spell loser? Gubernatorial candidate Onorato’s recent ad touting his rancor over the behavior of the Harrisburg legislature, featuring the newspaper headline, “Harrisburg Stinks”, rings hollow.  If he wants a smaller legislature why hasn’t he been working on this already? When the legislature voted themselves a pay raise where was Onorato? When they increased their pensions by a whopping 25%, and now find the funding of this pension system inadequate, where was Onorato? While his party’s leadership was using taxpayer monies to fund their re-election campaigns, (bonusgate) where was Onorato?   The ad also is used as a spelling lesson, ON-OR-ATO, not that it will matters how we spell his name. By November 3rd hardly anyone will remember who ran against Corbett.   It’s not enough to site examples of bad behavior, claiming to be a reformer, and if elected to drain the swamp. Why wasn’t Onorato exposing these abuses while he was in a leadership position in his party? No way do I buy his not having any knowledge of these things while they were happening.  Did he not take the pension increase, or benefit from bonusgate? Did he request the Tom Deweeses’ of Harrisburg to resign? Did he offer testimony against anyone?   And by the way, Mr. Ornorato, as a county commissioner in Allegheny County weren’t you responsible for a massive $550 Million boondoggle? Something about construction of an unnecessary tunnel? Hmm!   Onorato, no Chris Christy, just another johnny come lately to the reform platform.


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