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10.20.10   Surf’s Up...In the 8th.   Having ridden the anti-Bush wave into office in ’06, what with the two wars & the growing weariness of Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Bush’s inability to pronounce nuclear, Patrick Murphy narrowly eked out a victory over the incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick.   Then Murphy rode back into office in ‘08 on the Tsunami created by the Hope and Change campaign offered by an Obama presidency. The hope faded fast and the change we are left with won’t buy a good cup of coffee. Voter dissatisfaction with the progress in Iraq, Afghanistan coupled with the $700 Billion Bush stimulus and McCain’s less that inspiring campaign fed the Obama Tsunami to the benefit of Murphy.   Now with no waves being created for him, Murphy’s only waves to ride are those he has created for himself. His tenure in Congress, his voting record, his synchronized lock step with Pelosi and company are now Murphy’s wave, more like a dead calm.   The economy is in tatters, high unemployment, a huge out of control government debt, unpopular government take over of our healthcare, pending cap & trade legislation, all of which happened or got worse while Murphy was in Congress.   Time has come for an accounting. Just like the Federal Budget, Murphy has a deficit. The time lent to Murphy has run out.   Look for the voters in the 8th Congressional district to recycle Fitzpatrick back to Washington. However, Fitzpatrick is riding a wave himself. The anti incumbent, anti Obama wave today will fade and Fitzpatrick like Murphy will be on borrowed time.

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