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Nov 3, 2010   Time to put up.   Tuesdays elections held the hope that the voters would show up and either reinforce Obama’s vision for this country or reject them. The same situation existed with the legislature in Pennsylvania.   Obama had the luxury of his party controlling both houses for his first two years in office and he misused his power. The people have had enough of the big spending, big programs, and down right arrogance of the Obama administration. While Obama has pledged to continue with his agenda, irrespective of the voters wishes, we can hope that the Republican controlled House will provide the necessary resistance to thwart Obama from doing further damage.   If gridlock in Washington is the result of this election cycle so be it.   In Harrisburg the Republicans now enjoy, for the first time since the Ridge administration, control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government. If they misuse their power, their tenure too, will be short lived. WAM’s, per diem’s, bloated government agencies, DWPA, PA Turnpike, car allowances, $20 Million to build libraries for politicians, a too big legislature, and the general misuse of the taxpayers money, all need to be addressed, soon.   Should Harrisburg's new class miss the mark, if they don’t learn from the trap that Obama fell into, and misuse their power, their time in Harrisburg will be short lived.   If nothing else this election and the emergence of the Tea Party has awakened the populous. They are angry and tired of being taken for granted. Make no mistake the people will be watching, hoping for the best, but, willing to throw the bums out again.   The thing that politicians fear most is a big voter turn out. Maybe, the results on Tuesday will help to stimulate continued voter participation. Wouldn’t that be nice!

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