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"Who do you think should win"

Jennifer Polchuk of Willow Grove with Kurt Seelig of
Cardinal Camera and Dr. Tony Pineno of Towamencin Family Chiropractic
Walt Johnson of Harleysville with some of his grandchildren and Linda Claus of The Woodburners.
Steve Mandrachia of Eagleville with Glenn Detweiler of Detlan Equipment.
Rebekah Urffer of Sellersville with Charity MacNeil of Towamencin Beverage.
Grand prize winner Allan Lockard of Chalfont with the
"Cellphone Man" Patrick O'Neil.
Judy Gradel of Mainland with the owner of Rann Pharmacy, Greg Segner.
Barbara Thomson of Hatfield with Peggy Schmidt of Partnership TMA and Julie Moyer of Dock Woods.
This is Allan Bray of Schwenksville with Peggy Schmidt of Partnership TMA.

Tech Talk Guys

Saturday's 11:10am - Noon

Ralph DeFrangesco

Tech Talk Guys

Mr. DeFrangesco has worked with fortune 500 companies developing security programs, assessments, strategic and enterprise architectures, and disaster recovery programs. In addition, Mr. DeFrangesco currently teaches for Drexel University as an Adjunct Professor in their Computer Security program He holds a BSCS, MBA, and is currently a PhD candidate. He has written a novel and a self-help book on time management as well as several technical papers. He lives in Harleysville, PA with his wife, two children, two cats and two dogs. His hobbies include furniture building, martial arts, and rock and ice climbing. In addition to his many hobbies, Mr. DeFrangesco is a “gadget” enthusiast. He uses SmartHome and X10 technology in his house, the latest media technology, and reads on many of today’s hot technology topics.

Jason Hall

Jason Hall is a seasoned technical leader with 20 years of extensive experience in Information Technology and Enterprise Network Infrastructure environments. Hall’s role for Fortune 500 firms to start-up organizations has impacted enterprise bottom line and performance through expert alignment of technologies with corporate mission. He has expertise in leading system and infrastructure designs, deployments, and upgrades. He is adept at leading all aspects of IT operations, including networks, infrastructure, development, and support. He has proven ability to enhance profitability through contract negotiations, vendor management, and process improvements. Hall has excellent leadership and training skills.

Jason Hall is President of Stuart Hall Technologies, Inc., an IT consulting firm based in Ambler, PA.

Stuart Hall Technologies provides clients with a business technology approach that enables alignment of information technology with business goals and needs to support the future of their business. For more information about Stuart Hall Technologies Inc., please visit

Email the guys at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guest: Kevin Lampe
Topic: Biotechnology
Guests website:

Past Shows:

June 6th
Kevin Lampe joins the guys on Tech Talk

May 30th
Guest: Irv Schlanger - Professor of Security and Technology at Drexel University's Goodwin College
May 23rd
Tech Talk with Ralph and Jason with guest Eric Raymond

May 16th
Tech Talk with Ralph and Jason

May 9th
Tech Talk
Emergency response when it comes to your computer is discussed.

May 2nd
Anti-virus software with Brijesh Kumar of Drexel University is the topic of conversation on this edition of Tech Talk!

April 25th

Bob Cole from Bob and Ron's World Wide Stereo join the guys.

April 18th
Tracey Bumpus talks about putting technology to work for you when applying for a job.

April 11th
Wireless Home Networks is the conversation on this show.

April 4th
Kurt Seelig from Cardinal Camera stops by to talk digital photography with the guys.

March 28th
Ben Marlow joins the guys on Tech Talk.

March 21st
Amy Edwards from Drexel University talks web privacy with the guy.

March 14th
Cell phone technology talk with the "cell phone man" Patrick O'Neil

March 7th
Purchasing a PC and setting up a home network is the topic today.

February 28th
Ralph and Jason’s  talk to Joe Ragan from St. Joseph's University regarding tax software.

February 21st

Ralph and Jason’s debut Talk Tech program including a discussion about home entertainment systems with Ed Spencer.



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Selling cars in a tough economy

WNPV Radio and the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) presented this informative web-cast on March 4th, 2009. It features John Thac, on of the top automotive sales trainers in the country. Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Strategies which will help auto dealers increase efficiencies and drive down advertising costs vis-a-vis broadcast.
  • Advertising ideas that are working for dealers across the country.
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  • How to compete with other media.
This broadcast will be available until April 4th 2009.

Click below to listen.

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