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Lansdale Performing Arts Center

The Lansdale Center for the Performing Arts has a new executive director.   Borough Council met Marja Kaisla Wednesday night.   She is a chamber musician and has performed in both the United States and Europe.   Kaisla also has a background in music education and says classes as well as private lessons will soon be available at […]

Mr. President

Barack Obama today became the 44th President of these United States.   Within my lifetime a black man might have been strung up for daring to drink from a ‘whites only’ fountain in certain parts of this country.   Now the son of an African father and Kansas born white woman holds the highest office in the […]

Barack Obama’s acceptance speech

Miss newly elected President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech? 

Obama Acceptance Speech

Miss newly elected President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech? Listen to it here. Miss newly elected President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech? Listen to it here.  

Assistance with Utility Bills

Montgomery County officials don’t want the elderly to go without heat.   They have established the Older Residents Emergency Fund in conjunction with the Montgomery County Foundation and the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.   The County Office of Aging and Adult Services is screening applicants for cash assistance.   Officials there say this assistance is for the […]

Economic Stimulus?

First it was the 350 billion to save the banks, now the other 350 billion to do what didn’t get done with the allocation in the fall.   13th District Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz seems likely to support Obama’s 800 billion dollar economic stimulus package.   On the  ‘Comment Please by Univest’  page you can hear our conversation […]