Here’s the latest from the WNPV Newsroom

MCCC Budget Approved

The Montgomery County Commissioners have approved their contribution to a community college budget that calls for more than $80 million in spending for the fiscal year starting Thursday, July 1.

Lawmakers Pass PA Budget

The Pennsylvania House and Senate have approved a budget for the fiscal year that starts Thursday, July 1, But Governor Ed Rendell says he won’t sign it until other related bills, including a revenue bill, are on his desk.

Not His Roommate’s Crime

A Philadelphia federal court jury has found a Bucks County man guilty of possessing child pornography.

Not His Buddy’s Bike

A Horsham man is accused of trying to steal a motorcycle from outside the Blair Mill Village Apartments.

Aetna: Oops

Aetna says nearly 5,000 paper files on Pennsylvania and New Jersey health insurance policyholders were thrown away in a filing cabinet as part of an office move.

Carpenter Cup Final

The SOL National/BAL Carpenter Cup team dropped a 7-3 decision Wednesday afternoon to Jersey Shore in an error rich game.