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Montco to Look at New Fire Code

Montgomery County Commissioners Joe Hoeffel and Bruce Castor say they will look into having the county planning commission draw up a model building code for municipalities, following last week’s Consohocken fire that destroyed two occupied apartment buildings. Castor says he is concerned about common attics with no sprinklers or firewalls.

Four-Day Work Week Nixed by Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Commissioners have abandoned the idea of letting some employees work ten hours a day four days a week, instead of eight hours a day five days a week.  Chairman Jim Matthews says it would be unworkable.


On the 4th Thursday of each month, we hear from the folks at the Central Montgomery Medical Center. On the Meditalk Edition of Comment Please by Univest, guests associated with the health-care facility talk about medical issues.

Affairs of the Heart

The chief of heart surgery at Abington Memorial Hospital, Dr. Paul Addonizio hosts Affairs of the Heart – 11:10am to Noon on the first Monday of the month. Dr. "A" is one of the workings of the heart. He takes your questions about related issues during the show.

Take Two with David Weiss


Clark Howard Minute

Clark Howard is America’s consumer champion! Call him frugal, call him cheap, but Clark is looking out for you Whether you’re refinancing your house or wrestling with credit card debt. Clark is on AM-1440 weekday afternoons from 1-3.Plus bonus time on Saturday mornings from 6-8am!Your pocket protector is not just another pretty face on the […]