Here’s the latest from the WNPV Newsroom

Santarsiero Sponsors Bill on Toll Hikes

Bucks County State Senator Steve Santarsiero crafts a measure to help individuals and families with a tax credit. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports. Click below to listen to report.

The Healing Place: New Show on WNPV

Dr. Greg White, a Chalfont based chiropractor, offers a new show for WNPV listeners and the various options that are available for knees and other body parts. Click below to listen to Darryl Berger’s interview.


Democratic Presidential Politics on WNPV

Comment Please By Univest Monday with Darryl Berger covered the topics of immigration and other issues that could play a part in the Presidential election next year with guests, Charlie Gerow, a political strategist, and Michael Cutler, a former INS Agent.

Bucks County Town Continues Its Growth

The economy has provided good fortune for larger cities and small towns. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte, Quakertown is benefiting through development. Click below to listen to report    

Local Boy Raises Cash For Homeless

A Harleysville resident puts the less fortunate before himself in an effort to collect funds for a County agency. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports. Click below to listen to report.    

Dr. Doug Tumen: Observe Your Feet Daily

Dr. Doug Tumen, author of Ask The Foot Doctor: Real Life Answers to Enjoy Happy, Health Pain-Free Feet, was a recent guest with Darryl Berger on WNPV’s AM Edition.