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New Documentary on Politics in D.C. Called The Swamp

A new documentary called, The Swamp, gives a first hand account of how the political machine operates in Washington D.C.

Lansdale Feels The Sting of Credit Card Fees.

Lansdale Borough absorbed about 117,000 last year, allowing its customers to pay their bills with credit cards.

Woman Killed in Her Home From Out of Control Car Identified

First responders, who arrived on the 300 block of Harleysville Pike in Franconia Township just after 12 am Friday, removed debris and found Mary Ann Lambert. Franconia Township Police say the driver crossed a long lawn area before striking the side of the home where Lambert had been sleeping. The 86 year old woman was […]

Goodman Looks to Bring Change in Run For Congress

Shira goodman is taking leave as Executive Director of CeaseFire Pa to run in the democratic primary for congress in the new 4th district.

Gardner Wins Drug and Alcohol Billboard Competition

Montgomery County officials have a winner for their third annual Drug and Alcohol Billboard Competition.