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Clark Howard Minute

Clark Howard is America’s consumer champion! Call him frugal, call him cheap, but Clark is looking out for you Whether you’re refinancing your house or wrestling with credit card debt. Clark is on AM-1440 weekday afternoons from 1-3.Plus bonus time on Saturday mornings from 6-8am!Your pocket protector is not just another pretty face on the […]

Local News Update

{mp3remote}{/mp3remote} Listen to our local news wrap up, updated three times a day, five days a week.

Dr. Laura Moment

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is one of the icons of talk radio. You might not always like what she says, or agree with it, but Dr. Laura never fails to tell you exactly what she thinks. If you have a question about a dysfunctional relationship or a moral dilemma you need to call Dr. Laura. Visit […]

Todays Travel Minute


Listen On Your Phone

Out of the area, but still want to listen to WNPV? Listen by phone!          1) Dial (704) 631-4060            2) At voice prompt, press 1 for MUSIC            3) At second prompt, press 9 to enter a station code            4) Press 2785 to listen […]

WNPV On-Demand

2008 UNIVEST Grand Prix Bike Race

WNPV covers the Univest Grand Prix Bike Race You can listen below for the race broadcasts from Sept. 6th & 7th 2008 or short summaries of our coverage plus interviews from race day.  Saturday’ s wrap of the race from Souderton {mp3remote}{/mp3remote} Saturday’s race from Souderton {mp3remote}{/mp3remote} UNIVEST Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Aichele […]

Scoreboard Show

It’s the hottest post game ticket in town! It’s the WNPV/Intelligencer Scoreboard Show immediately following Friday night football action on Info-Radio.                                                                                Hosts Jeff Nolan and Dan Morehouse bring you the most complete update on the scores, highlights and the story inside the game! Interviews with coaches, players and and a Q & A with the writers there […]