Let’s Talk Nutrition is an interactive, health talk radio show. Known as LTN, the show is heard on AM 1440 every weekday from 9am-11am. The program features Michael Garko, Ph.D. and focuses on health and nutrition experts with extensive knowledge of complementary, alternative, and traditional medicine.

His personal philosophies have carried over into his show where Dr. Garko says, “The goal of Let’s Talk Nutrition is to inspire you to take charge of your health, and in turn, better your life.” In fact, he has reviewed the literature on health and nutrition for over three decades, and has devoted extensive study to scientific advances in anti-aging and life extension, as well as the use of nutrition, physical conditioning, supplementation and life-style strategies in fighting disease.

Academically, Dr. Garko earned a Ph.D. from Florida State University, and has over 25 years of experience teaching and consulting. He is also currently enrolled at Clayton College where he is pursuing another advanced degree, a Doctorate in Naturopathy.