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george_toth.jpgGeorge Toth, CFP is WNPV’s financial guru. He hosts Regarding Your Money Tuesdays from 11:10am-Noon and Chestnut Investment Attitudes Saturdays from 09:10-10am. George provides an analysis of today’s money issues, relying on substance over hype. George is the president of Chestnut Investment Advisory.

As founder and president of Chestnut Investment Advisory, his firm provides financial advisement and wealth management services to individuals including professionals and retirees, and institutions, such as closely held businesses and trusts. His firm’s services include wealth management, comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, asset allocation, security and insurance analysis– life, disability, and health.  Mr. Toth began his career in financial planning as a Registered Representative in 1983 with a major securities affiliate of American Express, eventually serving as a field manager for three years. In 1986, he established his own firm, GT Financial and Investment Advisory, and renamed it in 1989 to Chestnut Investment Advisory. Chestnut Investment Advisory has grown quickly and today manages assets for a long list of clients representing a wide range of financial needs.


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