Assess your best customers and plan your advertising to reach more people just like him or her.

Budget enough money to mount an effective campaign. Running too few ads will sabotage even the best offer.

Consistency builds customer identification. Keep your message consistent each time you advertise and in each medium you choose to use.

Develop a close relationship with your advertising partners … your sales rep, graphic designer, copywriter, suppliers, etc. … so they know what works for you and keep you in mind when special deals become available.

Entertain while selling but never lose the sales message in your attempt to be cute, dramatic, funny or timely. You lose when the customer remembers the commercial but forgets the advertiser!

Focus your advertising on the benefits to your customer. “Features” only matter as far as they “benefit” your customer. Each of us wants to know “What’s in it for me?”

Give your customer reasons to do business with you instead of your competitor. Think about what makes you different and better and tell the world that story.